Lest We Forget

So I know it's not April, but I needed something to post. So here is a flash fiction.

April 25thAt the end of the alley the metal soldier stood forgotten. He stared down the paved path, his arm raised in an eternal salute.The rust had crawled over his features, and a spider spun a web in the crook of his arm. An old dried bottlebrush wreath lay at his feet.If only someone remember.The old lady walked slowly down the road; a crown of rainbow flowers graced her head. She paused outside the cake shop. Something nagged at the edge of her mind. Finally, she grabbed it.April 25thShe hurried off and before long she stood infront of the metal soldier in the long-forgotten alley. She removed the flower crown from her head and replaced the dried wreath at his feet.And said three words.Three word that were engraved on the soldier’s pedestal.Three word that should never be forgotten."Lest We Forget."
Estella Kate

Art Dump

Here is an art dump.
So here's a fact for those who aren't Australian (or those who are but still don't know this.) The flowers this budgie is sitting in are the state floral emblems of Australia. New South Wales     WaratahVictoria      Common HeathQueensland     Cooktown OrchidSouth Australia      Sturt's Desert PeaNorthen Territory      Sturt's Destert RoseWestern Australia      Mangles Kangaroo PawTasmania      Tasmanian Blue GumAustralian Capital Territory       Royal Bluebell I may have a slight toucan obsession at the moment.
Here are some older drawings.

Chat with me! Which is your favourite? Anyone else think toucans are adorable?
Estella Kate

Random Blog Party Pt. 3

This is Pt. 3 of the Random Blog Party being held by MEM and Homeschooledmando.Part three is a Art competition so this is my entry.
This is a drawing of Gwin from the Inkheart Trilogy. I hope you enjoy it, I am planning to do another art post soon. Till then,  Estella Kate .

A Reblog

This is a reblog fromA Need To Breathe.
I’ve been mulling over this post for a while and I finally decided to write it. (At least, if you’re reading this, I guess I did.) 😉May is food allergy awareness month, which is a nice thought for me. If new followers aren’t aware, I have a severe anaphylactic allergy to wheat. For the past twelve years, I’ve struggled with people not knowing enough about my allergy to keep me safe. Taking responsibility for myself and taking the precautions that I need to often leave me feeling hurt and frustrated.And that’s how I figured it out – I don’t like talking about food allergies.In the day-to-day, I don’t talk about them. They just . . . are what they are. I live with them and move on. I know the things I can do and can’t do, and that’s normal. I don’t remember living any other way.But there was a time when we lived differently. We could go out to eat at restaurants, we could share a meal with family at their house instead of ours. We could go to a po…

White Foot

During April I participated in Camp NaNoWriMo. This is the story I worked on (and completed!).

Synopsis:  Barras has lived his whole life as the son of the Alpha. When five wolves make him question his life, he learns his past has many secrets and his future has only one path.
"He will come and you will know him by the white paw on his front foot."

The deer head swung up, nose twitching and ear hunting for the smallest sound. I crouched lower to avoid being seen. All of a sudden the chase begun. Wolves sprung from the bushes as the deer fled.

My heart pounded as I ran through the undergrowth.

Suddenly I flew through the air as something big crashed into me. I jump to my feet, hackles raised I turned to what ever had hit me.

Ash rose from the floor, he looked even bigger up close. Callalilly came running over.

"Sorry. Ash did you really have to hit him that hard?" She said apologetically.

Ash shrugged, "Sorry." he huffed.

What Homeschooling Is

So, I hope these rambling make sense.

Homeschooling is learning at home. Yes, we do school, but we learn other ways too.

Being raised on a farm I had, and still have, hands on learning experience. Many imaginary games were play in paddocks. Many animals are observed and raised. Garden are cared for. Work is apart of learning.

Homeschoolers are social. We get together regularly with other homeschooler. We have friends who we talk to often, not all of them are homeschoolers.

Homeschoolers are talented. Art, music, sport, all these things homeschoolers do. A big chunk of the orchestra I play in are homeschoolers.

Well, God Bless,
Estella Kate

Guardians of Allura, A Short Story

Here is the next short story. Also check out the new page on all my stories.

Willow came running through the trees. "Eclipse." she called.
Eclipse raised her head.
"They're here." Willow puffed as she came to a stop in front of the unicorn.
Eclipse sighed, "Did they see you?"
Willow shook her head sending her curly hair flying around her face. "They didn't even know I was there."
"Well, they will soon." Eclipse said as Willow climbed onto her back. "We must leave now." They left at a gallop.
When they reached the place that had been their home for the past month, Willow quickly scaled the tree. She quickly gathered her few possessions. Her flute, cloak, and bag of healing herbs were shoved hastily into a pack.
Eclipse called from the ground, "Hurry, I can hear them coming."
Willow quickly climbed down. She followed eclipse into the trees to hide.
"Shouldn't we just leave now." Willow asked.